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Saturday, May 25, 2024

The 1953 Indian Motorcycle Advertisement

https://youtu.be/E22XKvzjX9M This is a great video to watch how quickly they were able to build an engine...

Jeff Grigsby talks about Indian Motorcycles

Jeff Grigsby talks about his love of Indian Motorcycles

Irv Byers Indian Collection

The Irv Byers Indian Collection

The Remarkable 1948 Indian Chief

https://youtu.be/neY3JWiaqew To Restore or not to restore? That is the question of many Indian owners.

For Sale: A 1919 Indian Power Plus Board Tracker

Few of us can afford it but that doesn't mean we can't look at the pictures! ...

The Worlds Fastest Indian Trailer

If you haven't watched the movie or trailer for awhile. Give it a look again and remind yourself how much fun this movie is...

100 Year Old Indian – Getting ready for a ride

Dale & Matt Walkser preparing a 100 year old Indian for a ride after sitting for over 80 years!

Indian 101 Scout with Jay Leno

https://youtu.be/HiRKg3me43o Jay Leno Explains the Indian 101 Scout Motorcycle