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1953 Experimental Warrior TT Spring Frames

John Robinson
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You would think that finding one spring frame section would be rare enough.  Over the past four years, I have collected various parts from all over the globe in the attempt to assemble four models of each of the Indian verticals from 1049-1951.  After buying parts from Kentucky and Missouri, I sorted them and placed each in different parts collections as people often do.  After a couple of years of sitting and re-sorting, I went back through the parts and began to compare the numbers after learning more through various sources as to how to find out what you have.  Even this process was not rapid or easy to determine and after a year of talking to various people and groups, I have discovered that I am in possession of two 1953 Indian spring frame sections.  Jim Sutter posted many blueprints at back in 2017.  I noticed that in the blueprints, one of the consistent numbers of each frame section appeared.  After consulting Indian Vertical Expert, Pete Sink, he confirmed the find.  Has anyone else in this forum ever heard of these parts?  I have only met one person who ever claimed to have a 1953 vertical, though that could have been a last carry-over stamped model.

The frames are being examined at BMB Cycles at the moment by Wally Brown.  Soon I will send them to Anamosa, Iowa for display to the general public.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what they would be worth?

Thank you.


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