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Monday, November 28, 2022


The Inside Story of the Indian Arrow

By T.A. Hodgdon SOME FOLKS collect stamps­, some go for photography in a big way, others spend all their spare...

The Worlds Fastest Indian Trailer

If you haven't watched the movie or trailer for awhile. Give it a look again and remind yourself how much fun this movie is...


Indian History

Restoring Vintage Indians for Decades

Bob Stark loves vintage Indian motorcycles. He loves them so much, he will...

1904 Indian Motorcycle Stays with the Family for now

by Jeremy Waltner With 10 minutes to go until the main event of the Cleon Graber estate sale late last week — the sale of...



The Great Indian V Harley Motorcycle Race

Here is a link to the Video I made in 2010 about the Great Indian V Harley Race in Australia. After going on this...

Jeff Grigsby talks about Indian Motorcycles

Jeff Grigsby talks about his love of Indian Motorcycles