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Thursday, June 20, 2024


Antique Indian Motorcycle Insurance

Indian Motorcycles through the Years Many people ask us, how do we insure our Vintage Motorcycles. There are several companies that specialize in Vintage Insurance....

Restoration of the Relics

History of Starklite Cycle Bob Stark looks up from his sweeping chores and smiles his recognition. "Hi, "...


Indian History

The Indian Enfield

In the 1955 Indian started to import English built motorcycles, and branded them Indian Motorcycles. This was under a five year contract with Royal...

“Thrills and Funerals”: Researching the Board Track Era of Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle board track racing was the deadliest form of racing in the history of motorsports. Hundreds of lives were lost, both racers and spectators,...



1933 Indian Four – Jay Leno

In 1901, bicycle racer and builder George Hendee teamed up with engineer Carl Oscar Hedstrom to build a 1.75 hp single cylinder motorcycle prototype...

Indian Hill Climbers with Dale Walksler

Ready for some Indian Hill Climber history? Join Dale Walksler from Wheels Through Time Museum as he talks about a couple of his motorcycles.   A...