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Sunday, September 19, 2021


A Trip down Memory Lane – Purchasing Antique Motorcycles

A Trip down Memory Lane - Purchasing Antique Motorcycles by Gary Stark

Indians Forever – A Visit with Bob Stark

Here's "Bullet Bob" Stark urging the test Indian "80" past the Chrondeks at a terminal velocity of 81.08mph, 1609 ET. While the figures might not be impressive alongside times turned in by more modern "Superbikes," comparing the FFLH times (obtained at the same racetrack last November) with the Chief's tends to bear out the "Indians Forever" view.


Indian History

The Story of Big Red

By BOB STARK: Bob Stark started riding US motorbikes and Cushman scooters at the age of...

Spirit of Munro rides on with John Munro

 One of John Munro's earliest memories involves him riding to school on the tank of his dad's motorbike.    He thinks he would have been...



Indian Hill Climbers with Dale Walksler

Ready for some Indian Hill Climber history? Join Dale Walksler from Wheels Through Time Museum as he talks about a couple of his motorcycles.   A...

Irv Byers Indian Collection

The Irv Byers Indian Collection