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Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Starklite Cycle Behind the Scenes Part1

Starklite Cycle on American Thunder: The Story of Starklite Cycle - told by Bob Stark  

The Indian Enfield

In the 1955 Indian started to import English built motorcycles, and branded them Indian Motorcycles. This was under a five year contract with Royal...


Indian History

Restoring Vintage Indians for Decades

Bob Stark loves vintage Indian motorcycles. He loves them so much, he will...

1947 Indian Chief Roadmaster | History-Making Motorcycles

The recent resurrection of Indian Motorcycle by Polaris conjures memories of the originals and engenders comparisons of the classics to the new generation. Larry Van...


The 1953 Indian Motorcycle Advertisement

https://youtu.be/E22XKvzjX9M This is a great video to watch how quickly they were able to build an engine...

Indian 101 Scout with Jay Leno

https://youtu.be/HiRKg3me43o Jay Leno Explains the Indian 101 Scout Motorcycle