Tuesday, December 18, 2018


A Born-Again Indian Motorcycles Is Here to Dethrone Harley-Davidson

Legend tells of a time when there existed a big American motorcycle company other than Harley-Davidson. It holds that there was an even older...

100 Year Old Indian – Getting ready for a ride

Dale & Matt Walkser preparing a 100 year old Indian for a ride after sitting for over 80 years!


Here’s Why Indian Motorcycles Is Growing While the Competition Struggles

Indian's marketing director shares with us the secret to the iconic brand's renaissance. It’s hard to talk about the motorcycle industry in 2017 without talking...

Indian History

John Gee’s Motorcycle Collection in Australia

John Gee's extraordinary Antique Motorcycles collection 46 PICTURES   Antique Motorcycles, in Moorabbin, outside Melbourne, Australia(Credit: Loz Blain/New Atlas) VIEW GALLERY - 46 IMAGES Tucked away in Melbourne's urban sprawl is one of...

The Return of the Iron Redskin

As we follow the travels of the latest Indian Revival, let's look back at the history of Indian Revivals, with this reprint from 1968.  ...



The Wall of Death

Great short documentary on the Wall of Death - Riding Vintage Indian Motorcycle 101 Scouts! If you ever get a chance to see the performance,...

The Great Indian V Harley Motorcycle Race

Here is a link to the Video I made in 2010 about the Great Indian V Harley Race in Australia. After going on this...