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Sunday, April 14, 2024


Former motorcycle factory converted into affordable housing

A55,000-sf, five-story former manufacturing mill facility for Indian Motorcycle has been converted into 45 apartment...

“Thrills and Funerals”: Researching the Board Track Era of Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle board track racing was the deadliest form of racing in the history of motorsports. Hundreds of lives were lost, both racers and spectators,...


Indian History

Hap Alzina – Indians Man of the West

It was 1949 and Indian Motorcycle was struggling. It was so bad that the company could not fulfill the orders it had...

For Sale: A 1919 Indian Power Plus Board Tracker

Few of us can afford it but that doesn't mean we can't look at the pictures! ...


Irv Byers Indian Collection

The Irv Byers Indian Collection

Indian 101 Scout with Jay Leno

https://youtu.be/HiRKg3me43o Jay Leno Explains the Indian 101 Scout Motorcycle