Monday, June 1, 2020


Indian FTR1200 Race Bike to Concept to Production

Ever since Indian Motorcycle was revived by Polaris, the American motorcycle brand’s lineup of products has been growing fast. However, there’s one thing that...

Fast Indians At El Mirage –

Fast Indians At El MirageBy Freelance 11/17/2014 4:54 PM  Gary Gray stands by his Scout.Over the November 8-9 weekend, stealthily but quickly, Indian motorcycle...


THE 2019 INDIAN SCOUT BOBBER IS THE STRIPPED-DOWN STREET BIKE OF... 2019 Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber is a low-slung, blacked-out beauty that's easily among the hottest street bikes on the...

Indian History

Antique Indian Motorcycle Insurance

Indian Motorcycles through the YearsMany people ask us, how do we insure our Vintage Motorcycles. There are several companies that specialize in Vintage Insurance....

Indian 3 Wheel Patrol Vehicles

Indian 3 Wheel Patrol Vehiclesby Wayne LensuThe Indian Patrol...



1933 Indian Four – Jay Leno

In 1901, bicycle racer and builder George Hendee teamed up with engineer Carl Oscar Hedstrom to build a 1.75 hp single cylinder motorcycle prototype...

Indian 101 Scout with Jay Leno Leno Explains the Indian 101 Scout Motorcycle