Mike Wolf’s Big Indian Pick


Mike Wolfe is known as an American picker. He’s a TV star, author and entrepreneur.

But mostly, he’d tell you, he’s an Indian Motorcycle® enthusiast. He loves them for their history and heritage, and for their ride. His “best pick – ever” (and what got him in the business full-time) was when he scored a treasure trove of Indian® motorcycles at a Pennsylvania farm.

Mike called the farmer about his classified ad, then drove 800 miles and slept in his van in the farmer’s driveway. The next day, the farmer opened two barns, revealing 10 vintage Indian® motorcycles and tons of parts. Mike Wolfe discovered heaven on earth.

In his picking business, Mike encounters antiques of every kind. But his greatest picking passion is Indian® motorcycles. He collects them. Gets them running. And mostly, he rides. He loves dings, dents, scratches and rust. Forget cosmetics or fresh paint. Just ride. After all, it’s an Indian®.

Indian Motorcycle is excited to be working and riding with Mike Wolfe. He’s helping us bring back the passion this iconic brand deserves, and is energized to ride with us into the exciting next chapter of Indian Motorcycle® history.


  1. As much as these Indians are so great just as old bikes go, they have been
    pushed out of the reach of the majority of Real everyday enthusiasts,with
    the prices reaching unrealistic levels.Gone is any chance I have of trying to
    acquire an old Scout,be it complete or a basket case.Given the crazy prices
    to overhaul an overvalued, worn out machine,it sadly does not add up enough
    to make one satisfied when finally riding one.I have already travelled this route
    with British machines-and that in itself was a costly experience,negating the
    fun factor pretty much,particularly when most of us out there are on a budget.
    American Pickers is a staged program,as anyone who has had dealings with them
    will tell you.They contacted a collegue of mine,but cancelled when they realised
    that they would be dealing with someone in the know as far as motorcycle prices
    go….He later related that he was not “giving his stuff away”,understandably so….
    as things go,the Pickers have clearly damaged the old motorcycle market-too bad.
    It ultimately drives away more potential enthusiasts “across the board”.