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Chief Center Stand

I am wanting to put a center stand on my 1941 Chief. I have the stand, the spring and the latch as well as the bolts needed. Does anyone have a photo of how the spring and latch are mounted? Thanks,...

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2 years ago
Synthetic or conventional oil for my 84 Cubic inch Bonneville Chief

I am putting back together my grandfathers 1941 indian Bonneville chief. I am running a new set if Kiwi cases that accept the 80 inch flywheels and the pistons were already .060 over when I got the bi...

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2 years ago
Cometic gaskets for a 74 / 80 Chief engine

A few years ago when I restored my grandfathers 1941 Chief, I found that the engine cases were cracked. I purchased new cases from Kiwi that would allow for the use of 80 inch flywheels. When I put th...

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2 years ago
RE: Indian motorcycle engine

In my grandfathers 1941 Indian Bonneville Chief I have an 80 ci engine that I put together using new Kiwi cases as the original cases in my bike were cracked. I have a full set of Cometic gaskets as ...

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3 years ago