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Contact Information

Does anyone have contact information for Tom Cotten? He is supposed to be an expert on early ammeters. I have a question about the shunting of a 20 amp ammeter.

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3 years ago
'34, '35 Sport Scout Heads

I am looking for '34-35 Sport Scout Heads with decent fins. I have many '30 to '53 parts to trade or pay cash.

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3 years ago
Idler Gear

I have what appears to be a 36 tooth primary drive idler gear. Does anyone know what this fits? I know some of them have 39 teeth.

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4 years ago
Distributor Housing

Looking for Chief/Scout distributor housing (74904) for '37 back. Buy or trade. I have many Indian parts for 1930 to 1953 for possible trade.

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4 years ago
Breather Disc

Which breather disc (with or without hole) should be used with which models and years?

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4 years ago
Dispatch Tow

Anyone have a DT or know about them? I am trying to put one together and have many questions.

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5 years ago